Research Farm
In 2005, the Retail Agronomy division established the Brandt Research and Development Farm on a 70 acre tract of land adjacent to our Pleasant Plains facility. From the beginning, our goal has been to examine the products and farming practices that may be of value to our customers.

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BRANDT Research Pipeline
Cover Crops
Micronutrients on Corn
Monsanto Fieldscriptsâ„ 
Weed Management
Nutrients Management
Total Acre Data Analysis

Each year over 400 trials at the Research Farm are viewed during the annual Agronomy Day customer tour in August.  The trials are taken to yield and the results are reported in a plot book publication. Here is a short list of the farming practices that have been tested over the last 5 years: 
  • Stress Mitigation Trials evaluating corn traits, Bt Corn Borer, Bt Rootworm, Roundup Ready
  • Processor Preferred hybrid response to tillage, crop rotation, nutrition, and fungicides
  • Nutrient application timing and placement with different tillage, hybrids, and herbicides
  • Micronutrient trials comparing soil and foliar applications
  • Soybean response to seed treatments, fungicides, and micronutrients with various tillage
  • Elite Hybrid response to crop rotation and tillage practices
In 2013, Brandt has added more trials demonstrating the Nutrazone system approach of increasing yields and nutrient efficiencies by matching the nutrient rates to population rates within each field. Populations will be varied from 30,000 plants per acre to 39,000 plants per acre with varying nutrient applications and tillage systems. Precision Planting seed placement demonstrations will also be evaluated. You must have good local information to create good local strategies. We hope having good local data helps you to achieve your production goals.